Hockey Stick Brand Review

When shopping for a particular hockey stick brand, you may want to ask coaches, friends, and salespeople to gain their opinions and expertise. Easton hockey sticks are highly popular and well-known for their quality. Many other brands are known for quality, too, including Sherwood hockey sticks, CCM hockey sticks, Mission hockey sticks, Warrior hockey sticks, and Bauer hockey sticks.

Easton hockey sticks introduced the first aluminum stick that was accepted into the NHL in 1981 and have been industry leaders ever since. Introduced in 2000 as the first one-piece composite sticks, the Easton Synergy hockey stick is one of the most well-known sticks for its fast slap shots and additional control. They typically cost more than other hockey sticks, and are well-known for their durability.

Sherwood has been making hockey sticks since 1949 and makes one of the best wood hockey sticks on the market, the PMPX 9950. This Sherwood hockey stick, with a higher price tag than most wood hockey sticks, features excellent durability, a long length for taller players and powerful, controlled shooting.

Another hockey stick well-known for its durability is the CCM (Canadian Cycle and Motor) Vector hockey stick. Because of the layered Kevlar construction techniques, the one-piece CCM Vector hockey sticks are the most durable of their style. These CCM hockey sticks also offer improved balance over many one-piece composite sticks, and have been called one of the best sticks on the market.

Mission hockey sticks are often one step ahead of their competition in new designs. The Mission M-1 hockey stick has given the Easton SiCore Synergy some competition, with excellent balance, puck handling, and general durability.

The Bauer Vapor XX hockey stick is one of the lightest weight one-piece composite sticks on the market, producing an excellent feel and improved puck handling. The Bauer Vapor XX hockey stick is a good stick that provides a fast shot, but tends to lack in durability compared to competitor one-piece composites.

The best thing to remember about hockey stick brands is that a higher price does not necessarily mean improved quality. Individual playing styles will determine which sticks are best. If you can, try borrowing a stick from a friend to try other styles and brands.