How to fit a hockey skate

Because hockey skates are so important to your game, it may take a little extra time to choose a good pair. Knowing how to fit a hockey skate is important since the skate is what keeps you comfortable and in control while playing.

Hockey skates should be worn with a thin athletic sock to reduce irritation and to keep your skate in better condition. Thick athletic socks provide too much space for the foot to move and rub, causing irritation and blisters.

By finding a knowledgeable salesperson, coach, or friend to show you how to fit a hockey skate, you will be sure to get the right size. The hockey skate should fit snugly to support your ankle and will be one or two sizes smaller than your regular shoe size, depending on the brand that you choose.

When first trying on a hockey skate, first kick your heel as far back into the boot as possible, then fully lace up the boot. When you stand in the skate and bend your knees slightly, then your feet will shift into the proper position inside of the skate. If the boot feels too narrow for your foot, be sure to find a wider size boot, rather than getting a longer one, because this could cause even more discomfort during a game.

Keep in mind that the skate will fit better once the leather and materials have been warmed up from the heat of your foot. It may be a good idea to wear the skate at home for an hour or two before deciding if it is the right skate for you.

Now that you know how to fit a hockey skate, you should feel more confident about shopping for the best pair for your skating comfort.