Goalie Hockey Equipment

Because ice hockey goalies have such a specialized - and somewhat picked on-position of the team, all of their equipment is designed just for their protection and to improve their play.

Hockey goalie gloves
One of the most unique pieces of a hockey goalie's equipment is their gloves. Much larger than the average hockey gloves, the goalie gloves are designed to catch the puck and to defend the goal. There are two different types of gloves.

The catcher is worn on the non-stick (left) hand and looks like an oversized baseball glove. The blocker is worn on the stick (right) hand and has a synthetic glove to hold the stick and a solid back to defend against pucks and sticks.

Hockey goalie helmet and mask
Hockey goalie helmets come in a variety of styles that are designed to suit your personal preference. The most common goalie mask today features a fiberglass mask with a cage attached in the middle, which protects all sides of the goalie's head. Professional goalies who use this type of mask are typically well-known for the specific designs on their helmets

Also, with the modern helmet style, goalies are more likely to make saves by diving for a puck

Hockey goalie sticks
Another piece of hockey goalie equipment is the specialized goalie stick. Much larger and heavier than other hockey sticks, the goalie stick has a much larger blade and paddle to block shots. Goalie sticks typically have a larger curve in the blade as well, to add more puck control and to lift the puck from the ice to get it farther away from his goal.

Goalie leg pads and chest pads
A goalie's legs and chest take a beating, too. Goalie leg pads are typically larger than the typical leg pads of other hockey players, and the chest protectors protect most of the upper body, including the spine. These two pieces, including a padded jock strap when appropriate, are all vital pieces of hockey goalie equipment.