Hockey Equipment

Besides choosing an excellent hockey stick, it is important to carefully select the rest of your hockey equipment. The majority of hockey equipment concerns a player's personal safety, so if you have never shopped for these items before, don't be afraid to ask the sales clerk for help.

Hockey Skates :
Hockey skates are the most important part of a player's hockey equipment. If they don't fit right, a player will have difficulty skating properly, and possibly produce blisters and other foot ailments. For a player to play his or her best game, a properly fitted skate is a must-have for hockey equipment.

Unlike searching for shoes, a hockey skate will feel a bit too snug when first trying it on. In fact, it could feel up to a full size smaller than your normal shoes, but don't worry. It's supposed to. Once you have skated in them, the skates will begin to loosen and form to your foot. If the skates have excess room before you even start, it will only get worse.

On the other hand, there are several ways to fix a skate that runs too small, including processes called punching or baking, or fitting the boot with a new insole. Be sure to ask a sales clerk about your skate fit and options.

Hockey Helmet :
Your helmet, an essential piece of hockey equipment, can have two different styles of face masks. The traditional version of a face mask equipment looks like a metal cage, which will durably protect the face, but can sometimes block vision for some players.

The newer face mask is a durable clear polycarbonate plastic which allows a clearer view of the game for the player, but can fog up. There are tricks of the trade to prevent the fogging of the plastic face mask, including special sprays and cleaning it with dish soap.

When shopping for a helmet, remember that the length of the helmet can be adjusted with screws. When shopping for children, try to buy the largest size possible that can be adjusted down to your child's head, in order to help ensure the longest possible use of this hockey equipment.

Pay attention to the types of foam that fill the helmet. Some types are much more protective then others, but depending on your level of play, you may not require the most expensive option on the market. (Although, you may not want to opt for the cheapest equipment, either. It's your head.)

Other essential hockey equipment to shop for include: shoulder pads, gloves, shin guards, elbow pads, pants, hockey socks, and jerseys.