Hockey Skates Brand Review

Hockey skates are often a personal preference for hockey players, much like brand-name shoes are a personal preference for runners and other athletes. Hockey skate companies continue to design skates with a lighter weight and with more comfortable features, but the following companies have continued to perform year after year.

Bauer hockey skates are created by Nike. A new Bauer hockey skate, the Supreme ONE90, focuses on a snug fit around the foot for comfortable, tight-fitting support. This lightweight hockey skate also features a longer runner, for more blade-to-ice contact.

CCM hockey skates were first created in 1899 by the Canada Cycle and Motor Company Limited. The CCM vector hockey skates are one of their most popular models and now feature a specialized boot that combines heat and pressure for a perfect fit. CCM hockey skates feature Canadian sizing and will typically fit about 2.5 sizes smaller than your regular shoe fit.

Graf hockey skates were created by a family-owned company in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. Graf was founded in 1921 and has since grown to manufacture a wide variety of hockey skates, figure skates, and other hockey equipment.

Easton hockey skates do not have the same history as many of the other major hockey skate companies, but they are still one of the industry's leaders. Easton Synergy hockey skates are their major model, and they feature a one-piece carbon fiber boot and a tight-fitting boot for skating support.

Tour hockey skates are also an industry leader. The new Tour Code-1 hockey skates feature an even lighter-weight design, with custom memory foam lining.

Mission hockey skates are another popular choice among hockey players. There are many options available, and choosing the right brand may be just as much for the comfort and additional skill as it is for personal preference of the right hockey player image.