Mens, womens, youth hockey skates

Womens hockey skates became more common after women began competing in ice hockey in the Winter Olympics games in 1998. At this time, retailers began seeing a greater demand for womens hockey skates.

Womens hockey skates are very similar to mens hockey skates. In fact, many women use mens hockey skates. A hockey skate made for women is made more anatomically correct, so some women will find more comfort in the boot.

Womens hockey skates are typically not as wide as mens hockey skates, although they are available in different widths, as well. The boot is designed for a womans smaller foot and leg shape, to fit more closely and to avoid chafing in spots that bend incorrectly. For example, womens hockey skates are cut lower because a womans calf is lower than a mans calf. Also, the ankle pockets are placed in a lower position.

Womens and mens hockey skates have undergone many improvements, including improved blades and lightweight yet more durable boots. Mens hockey skates are much easier to find than womens hockey skates. Typically, women will find more skate options online.

Youth hockey skates are of course smaller, and typically have a very colorful appearance to appeal to kids. Retailers typically make a difference between junior and youth hockey skates. Hockey skates with a size of 5 (adult) or under are typically considered youth hockey skates. The size of your childs foot is the only thing that will determine when he or she will move from youth hockey skates into junior hockey skates.