Ice hockey equipment

So you're ready for your next ice hockey season? Be sure to get geared up with all the required equipment before you start.

Ice Hockey Skates
Your ice hockey skates are your most important piece of equipment. Have you checked out your old pair yet? The blades should be smooth and sharpened, without any rust, and the boots shouldn't have any cracks or dents. The laces should be new, and all of the rivets should be tight. You may only need to replace one or two parts of your skate, but if the structure of your skates is poor, it's time to find a new pair. It's not worth compromising your quality of play, or your safety, to use your old skates to save some cash.

Ice Hockey Sticks
Buy in bulk! If you use wooden sticks, you may go through them quickly. If there's a stick out there that you know you like, buying in bulk can save you money. Another great option for the season is to buy ice hockey sticks in bulk and share the cost with your teammates.

Ice Hockey Gloves and Padded Equipment
Have you grown? Has your ice hockey equipment shrunk? Does it stink more than you can stand for a whole new season? Properly fitting equipment is important to a safe and solid game, so if shoulder padding doesn't fit your shoulders anymore, it's time to look for new equipment.

If you're still growing, you may need new hockey pants or a new helmet, and gloves that are ripped or shrunk will need to be replaced.

Ice Hockey Helmet
Protect your noggin with a proper helmet! This is one piece of equipment that you probably don't want to buy used, and if any part of your old ice hockey helmet is damaged or too worn, you should look for a new one. Ice hockey helmets often feature adjustable sizes, so if you're shopping for one and aren't quite sure what to buy, be sure to have a hockey equipment professional find just the right size for you.