How to Take Care of Ice Skates

Ice skates can be very expensive and personal pieces of equipment, especially once they have been worn in with your repeated use for a comfortable fit. Taking care of your ice skates will ensure that your investment of time and money will last and last.

First and foremost, while you are skating, be sure to wear a pair of thin athletic socks. The socks will help to prevent too much moisture from entering the boot. Too much moisture is one of the primary enemies of ice skates.

When you are finished using your ice skates, be sure to dry them off before you store them. Ice skates that are stored while still wet can become disfigured, rusty, or even moldy. The boot of the skate can become hard, which will cause foot discomfort and cracking in the leather. Rusty ice skate blades will need to be replaced because they typically cannot be repaired. Remove the blade sleeve while storing them to ensure that moisture is not trapped inside. In order to ensure that moisture stays away from your skates, store them in terry cloth to soak up any surrounding moisture.

Blades should be sharpened on a regular basis by a professional to ensure proper wear and for your best performance on the ice. Periodically check your blade mountings to make sure that nothing is loose or missing. If you find a missing screw, rivet, or other connective material, be sure to replace or fix it to avoid additional wear and tear on your ice skate.

Store your ice skates in a place where they will not be squished by other shoes or equipment. Other items leaning against your skates or on top of them can cause creases in the leather, which detracts from your ankle support and their handsome good looks.

Taking care of your ice skates and ensuring that they stay dry when stored will help them to have a long life so that you won't have to break in a new pair anytime soon.