Construction of Ice Hockey Skates

When shopping for ice hockey skates, there are several parts of the skate that you will want to look at. Depending on your position on the ice and your personal preferences, you will also want to look at the skate blade.

Ice hockey skates are made of a combination of leather and synthetic materials to offer the right amount of comfort and support. Ensure that your ice hockey skate has a tight fit, and choose a size that is one to one-and-a-half sizes smaller than your shoe. When purchasing online, be sure to check the sizing guide of the brand that you are purchasing. If not found online, an ice hockey skate sizing guide can typically be found on the website of the manufacturer.

To protect yourself against pucks and other player's sticks, find a skate with a hard plastic boot. Also, when shopping for ice hockey skates, consider the radius of the blade, which is the amount of blade that makes contact with the ice. A larger radius, about 5 inches, is best for beginners, because a larger radius provides more balance.

For more experienced ice hockey players, a smaller radius is better for offense so they can change direction quickly, and a larger radius provides more control for defensemen.

Goalie ice hockey skates feature better ankle protection because they get shot at often, and because goalies do not require as much flexibility in their ankles as players on the rest of the ice. Also, goalie skates have a wider blade to provide more connection with the ice, and therefore more weight while defending.