Inline hockey skates

The skate is the most important piece of equipment in hockey, so with that in mind, the inline hockey player will want to carefully consider his or her choice of inline hockey skates.

Many inline hockey players use regular inline skates, which is perfectly acceptable, as there are not yet many skates that have been designed expressly for inline hockey. The challenge in finding a good inline hockey skate lies in combining comfort with protection.

Many newly-designed inline skates focus on the softness and flexibility of the boot, which is ideal for casual rollerblading, but not as ideal for the inline hockey player. Inline hockey skates should be more protective than the really lightweight boot of some skates. But, it is important to have flexibility and comfort while playing, so the ski-boot style of many of the early inline hockey skates can be restricting. It is a good idea to find a snug and supportive yet comfortable boot. Also, the ideal inline hockey skates are a bit lower to the ground than the average inline skate, to facilitate speed and maneuverability.

In order to gain increased speed and maneuverability, inline hockey skate manufacturers rely on several design techniques. First, they use different wheel sizes. Because the larger wheels are ideal for speed, and the smaller wheels help to create a smaller turning radius, this method brings the best of both wheels into one skate. The wheel angles can also affect and improve the performance of inline hockey skates for the player.

The best way to find your ideal inline hockey skate is to start trying them on! Try on different brands to decide which skates will fit your foot best, and ask the salesperson which brands have recently come out with new designs. Also ask the shop if they carry inline skates that are specifically designed for roller hockey so that you can compare them to regular inline skates.

If you are a player who is new to inline hockey or play with recreational leagues, you may find that your very own pair of inline skates works very well for inline hockey. The more experienced or professional inline hockey players will be the ones who truly want to investigate their options and pay for the difference in inline hockey skate quality.