Mini Hockey Sticks

Mini Hockey Games :
Beginner and intermediate hockey players may need to brush up on some skills, or just want to have a little extra fun playing the game. Mini hockey is one way that they can have fun with friends and family at home, while getting into the spirit of the game. One form of mini hockey that is ideal for inside the house is "knee hockey."

Knee hockey has become a popular informal hockey game that is typically played on carpet in a basement. Using mini hockey sticks and a miniature "field," kids can simulate a small-scale hockey game right at home.

Kids will need mini hockey sticks, which have short handles and are made of lightweight plastic, to keep kids from getting hurt. Mini hockey goals can be purchased, also, which are a perfect accessory for this small-scale game. The mini hockey sticks and mini hockey goals can be purchased as a set, which makes a fun present for the young hockey fan.

Scooter hockey is another fun youth game that uses some form of hockey rules and mini hockey sticks. Typically played in a gym, scooter hockey slows down the game of hockey so that kids can play more safely. The scooters for scooter hockey are small square boards with four casters, and kids sit on them to scoot and roll their way around the "field." The mini hockey sticks are very small and lightweight, so that kids can play with one hand.

Typically, in both knee hockey and scooter hockey, kids will use their mini hockey sticks to hit a foam ball or "puck" to shoot into the mini hockey goals.

With fun and safety in mind, forms of mini hockey are great ways for kids to get exercise and practice a game they admire and love to play.