Quad roller skates

Quad roller skates feature four urethane wheels and a brake in the front of the boot, underneath the toe. Quad roller skates became popular in the mid-19th century, when the design was improved with a pivoting action, and has been a source of entertainment and exercise ever since.

The quad roller skate was invented in 1863 by James Plimpton, who took the initial roller skate design, which was an inline skate, and changed it to feature two pairs of wheels, each side by side. This made it much easier for the general public to enjoy skating as an activity, and this inspired improvements upon the new quad design.

The design of the quad roller skate has seen many improvements, including the invention of toe stops and steel ball bearings, which make it easier for the skater to glide and stop almost effortlessly. Quad roller skates dominated the industry for a century, until the creation of Rollerblade, Inc.

Hockey roller skates
In 1979, Scott Olson and Brennan Olson ran across a pair of roller skates that were created in 1960 for the use of off-season ice hockey training. They took the design and created Rollerblade, Inc. With the creation of this company, the inline roller skate became more popular than the quad roller skate.

Sneaker roller skates
A new and popular type of quad roller skate is the sneaker roller skate. This quad roller skate is most often designed for children, and looks like a childs sneaker with four wheels.

Currently, quad roller skates are primarily used for childrens entertainment and as an introduction to inline or ice skating, but have had an important place in history.