Roller Hockey Equipment

Not comfortable, not stylish, but necessary
Roller hockey equipment ensures that all of your favorite body parts stay in tact when you're out on the concrete with your roller hockey blades and stick.

Most roller hockey injuries occur when players check each other, because of the vigorous contact involved. When players fall on the concrete or other hard surface, scrapes and bumps are some of the most common injuries. Fractures in the wrist and arm are the most common serious injuries.

The most important safety equipment that roller hockey players wear are helmets with mouth guards to protect their noggins and pretty teeth. Knee pads and elbow guards are highly recommended, since they are some of the first body parts to make contact with the ground. (Elbow pads also help with a little defense when you're being checked!)

Hockey gloves not only protect your hands when you inevitably fall; they also provide a better grip on your hockey stick.

A jockstrap is a favorite accessory for many roller hockey players, and for beginners or extra-physical players, shoulder pads and padded pants make sure that an injury won't stop you from playing your best game in Gretzky style.

One of the most important pieces of a roller hockey player's equipment is the inline skates. If these do not fit well, blisters and imbalance can both be major problems. Also, a durable hockey stick is important for your game and your checking account. Since hockey sticks can break easily, this can be a major cost for your game.

Even though roller hockey players are tough, they like to wear safety equipment to improve their game, too.