Wood Ice Hockey Sticks

Wood ice hockey sticks are the most traditional style of stick that is still used today. The wood ice hockey stick has been changed from what it once was, but players still find them to have the most dependable material for many situations.

Because wood produces heavier ice hockey sticks than the lightweight composite materials, a player is better able to feel the puck on the blade. This makes a wooden ice hockey stick ideal for beginners. With a wooden ice hockey stick, a beginner learns to better handle the puck because he or she always knows where it is on the blade. Also, as another advantage for a beginner, wood ice hockey sticks cost much less than composite models.

The wooden ice hockey stick tends to break a bit more easily than composites, but there are arguments that the difference is not always noticeable. The one position that has not switched quickly to composite sticks is the goalie. The goalie ice hockey stick can be heavier, because the goalie does not typically skate with the stick, holding it in the air for the entire game.

Wood ice hockey sticks are still used in part because they can be customized to a player's favorite specifications, by heating the stick blades or sawing the shafts. Also, they can come in two pieces with a fiberglass joint, so that either the blade or the shaft can be replaced.

When taping wood ice hockey sticks, it's a good idea to use wax on top of the tape on the stick blade after you are done. This is a good idea for wood sticks, because the wax will help to detract moisture from the ice hockey stick, keeping it firmer and less pliable.

Because wood ice hockey sticks are less expensive, and because they just feel better to many players, they remain a popular piece of equipment.