Hockey Equipment For All

Hockey equipment changes a bit in size and shape when it is manufactured for youth, mens, and womens sizes. Mens hockey equipment is the most common and offers the widest variety of options for players. But for the most part, hockey equipment has not reached the point where every piece of equipment is specialized for womens and youth hockey.

Youth hockey equipment
Overall, youth hockey equipment is almost equally as popular, since hockey is an up and coming sport for youngsters. When shopping for youth hockey equipment, it is sometimes acceptable to buy items that are a bit too large to allow children to grow into them, but for certain pieces of equipment, this can be dangerous or uncomfortable for the child.

Youth hockey skates will often only last one to two seasons, so buying skates that fit perfectly is ideal. If the skates are too large, this increases the chance that a child will develop blisters or be more likely to fall while skating. Also, a hockey helmet needs to fit perfectly, but fortunate for many parents, helmets are adjustable. Find a hockey helmet that fits your child at its smallest size, and then adjust up to its larger size as your child grows.

Womens hockey equipment
As the sport grows more popular for the ladies, womens hockey equipment is widening in variety and options. Many women, especially amateur players, tend to use either mens or larger youth equipment, because the options are often not available for them. But, without close-fitting protection, any hockey player is at a risk for injury.

Womens hockey skates are one of the most popular types of specialized hockey equipment. Because womens feet require a different type of support, the ankles are cut differently, as are the width of the boots.

Another popular piece of womens hockey equipment is the shoulder and chest protectors. Because women have smaller shoulders and chests, these pieces have been specialized for the more feminine shape.

Whether you are shopping for womens, youth, or mens hockey equipment, just make sure it fits for a safe and well-played game.